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Secure, Smart & Contactless Check-in

Reduce close-contact interaction and Provide Safety and Confidence to your Team Members and your Guests

App-less Check-in

Secure, Smart Contactless Check-in: Reduce close contact interactions and Provide Safety and confidence to your Guests & Team Mates.

Mobile Keys

Enable Digital Keys and enable less Contact: Allow your guests to head directly to their room and use their mobile key to access reducing non-essential interaction between guests and staff

Mobile Apps

Provide all your services at your guest's fingertips: Mobile ordering, mobile queueing, digital menus, digital messaging, QR codes... connect directly with your guests and deliver high-quality service throughout the entire customer journey

Contactless Check-in

Engage your guests with our promotion tools and increase the touchless guest experience


Invite your guests to check-in or use other points of contact via email. It’s very easy to personalize your messages with our real time CMS!


Invite your guest to connect to the WIFI by accessing to the web app through a personalized link

QR Codes

Turn every printed brand material into a direct link to the app or directly to a section such us restaurant menu, wellness card, hotel information, etc..

See our Platform in Action

Get AI-powered, Real-time ID Verification Technology combined with Facial Biometrics

Intuitive Capture Experience

Guided and touchless interface to ensure a successful ID capture

Global ID Verification

Hundreds of AI analyzers instantly proof the authenticity of global ID documents

Face Recognition

Biometric-comparison and liveness-detection algorithms ensure the ID presented is from its true owner

Upselling Offers

Offer room upgrades and all kind of extra services at your guests’ fingertips

Mobile Smart Key

Self Check-in complete solution digitizes the end-to-end process and minimise frictions with reception