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Solving the challenges of Edge computing

Micro data centres: The future of on-site processing

Proven by a decade of use cases

Choose products relentlessly improved to work free of asset control, software upgrades, security patches and technology refreshes. When your teams are working in highly distributed environments, standardise your data management with a portable data centre from Zella DC.

Zella Pro 12 - Self contained server rack with cooling

EDGE READY:The Zella Pro 12, the smallest in our range of Zella Pros, is a small and compact self-contained server rack with cooling that is the perfect solution for particularly small environments. All our Zella Pros will help you solve your edge computing challenges - the Zella Pro 12 is perfect if you have a lot of small locations that need onsite processing.

Zella Pro 25: Edge Data Centre

EDGE READY: The Zella Pro 25 Edge Data Centre is one of our most popular models. Perfect for when you need a bit more processing data than the Zella Pro 12. Ideal for mid size corporations to enterprise organisations and satellite offices. It easily fits through standard sized doors and can be deployed even in heritage listed buildings. It gives you opportunity to grow into your infrastructure as you can easily add more units when needed.

Zella Pro 38: Next Generation Server Room

PORTABLE MODULAR DATA CENTRE: The Zella Pro 38 can easily replace your traditional on-premise server room. Compared to our smaller models, the 38 would suit organisations that need that bit extra processing power. It allows you to repurpose your existing server room into anything you want: an office, a board room, or an extra sitting area for your visitors. It would ideally sit in your head quarters, with a few of our smaller models across your satellite offices.

Our range of outdoor micro data centres

Zella Hut : A modular data centre for outdoor applications

WEATHERPROOF DATA CENTRE: Available as a Pro 12, Pro 25 and Pro 38, the Zella Hut outdoor micro data centre has all the same benefits as the Zella Pro, with the added benefit that it can be placed outdoors. Ready to be deployed at the Edge - wherever that may be. Perfect for telecom infrastructure, smart mines, remote locations, smart farms, and any outdoor environment.

Zella Fort: For use in external environments

INSTANT EDGE COMPUTING DATA CENTRE: A rugged hand-held Pro 12 micro data centre designed to withstand harsh conditions typically found in remote and ruggedised areas. Ideal for military operations in remote or hard to reach locations. The Zella Fort is an instant edge computing micro data centre with cooling, security and monitoring - an all-in-one solution perfect for army battle groups that is easily deployed just about anywhere.

Zella Max: Containerised solution for outdoor applications

ALL-IN-ONE SHIPPING CONTAINER DATA CENTRE: The Zella Max is appropriate for both greenfield and brownfield construction sites. The 20ft containerized solution features single and dual-cooling system perfect for storing your Zella Pros. This versatile shipping container data centre is extremely modular and can be stacked or added together allowing you to recoup valuable space.

One fluid process

Our total solutions encompass hardware and software arriving pre-programmed, ready to roll and easy to maintain. Zella DC offers a range of sealed and secure portable data centres for internal and external environments. They operate the same way as a traditional data centre, but can be managed and maintained by almost any employee.