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Pipedrive Leadbooster Add-On

Pipedrive Leadbooster Add-On

Get more leads on any Pipedrive plan

LeadBooster is Pipedrive’s powerful and easy to use lead generation toolset. Capture high-quality inbound and outbound leads before they drift elsewhere. 

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LeadBooster add-on includes:


Think of your Chatbot as a tireless team member who instantly engages your website visitors 24/7. Customize how it looks, the questions it asks and how it replies. Tailor your Chatbot’s questions on different web pages, and depending on visitors’ answers, qualify them immediately or route them to an available sales rep if desired.

Live Chat

Have available sales reps add a human touch when needed – from anywhere. They can seamlessly pick up conversations started by a Chatbot using the Pipedrive web or mobile apps. If your team ever gets busy, your Chatbot steps in so no leads slip away.


Pluck your next new lead from a global database of 400 million profiles and 10 million companies. Create personas of your target customers using filters such as job title, location and industry. Then, reveal the contact data of your best matches.

Web Forms

Give your inbound leads an easy and reliable way to share their contact information with you. LeadBooster’s Web Forms are intuitive to build yet highly customizable. Simply share or embed them on your website and watch the new leads roll in.

More lead generation features

Schedule meetings

Get more leads into sales demos with your team using Pipedrive’s Scheduler. Send calendar links in Live Chat, or if a lead qualifies, your Chatbot can help them book a meeting with a sales rep. Meetings automatically sync to your reps’ calendars.

Leads Inbox

Pool all your leads in one place before they go into your pipeline as deals. Know where leads stand with “hot”, “warm” and “cold” labels, and schedule follow-up calls, emails or activities from Leads Inbox to get the ball rolling.

Spreadsheet imports

Collect some leads manually or from other sources? Quickly upload and store them alongside all your prospects in Pipedrive’s Leads Inbox. Make Pipedrive the one source of truth for your team so they never miss an opportunity.

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