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Smart and visual MRP software every manufacturer needs to stay on top of their business.

The Smart Manufacturing Software that helps you Get in the driver's seat of your product-making business.

What makes Katana smart?

Katana integrates with your favorite online services from accounting to e-commerce, and our open API enables workflow automation.

Inventory tracking

Complete transparency to your inventory supply from raw materials to finished goods. Make sure you have enough materials in stock to start production and keep track of materials running low to never miss a sales order again. Track the status of manufacturing orders at multiple locations and inventory levels at different warehouses.

Production planning

Our auto-booking engine tracks inventory in real-time, allocating materials and finished products to fulfill orders. Drag and drop to prioritize orders and Katana will redistribute your inventory to fit the new production schedule.

Visual and modern interface

Color-coded dashboard and easy navigation allow you to streamline your workflows from sales channels to manufacturing operations, and quickly get an overview of your entire business from one centralized point of truth.

Shop floor app for operations tracking

Create workshop users and track floor operations digitally with workshop level access. Increase workstation flexibility without losing control of manufacturing operations. Track time spent on tasks with built-in manufacturing time tracking.

Seamless integrations with your favorite apps

Connect your Katana account with your accounting platform or eCommerce store or build a custom API to automate your operations even more.

Manufacturers all around the world are scaling and thriving with Katana


Katana takes care of your manufacturing schedule and keeps your stock under control. You can focus on what really matters: growing your business.


Know exactly how much raw material you have in stock and how much you're missing.
Get a real-time overview of your inventory and manufacturing operations.


Its not a secret that traditional solutions take months to implement. But fear not! With Katana you are up and running in a matter of days.

“With Katana, we were finally able to get a full overview of our manufacturing processes and material inventory. This software not only helped us significantly
improve our production planning, but we are now twice as productive, as we save so much time on daily operations.”

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